Monday, February 14, 2011

Arjuna's Chariot

I beg forgiveness from Vyasa for my very liberal interpretation and retelling....
After the Great War has finished and the Pandavas emerged victorious, Arjuna and Krishna step down from their chariot.  As they do, Hanuman, who had been represented on their standard, leaps off the flag roaring, and the chariot falls to pieces.  Arjuna turns to Krishna and says  "Lucky that didn't happen earlier."  Krishna replies "The chariot had been destroyed for some time.  I alone had been holding it together."

I thought of this scene after this morning's practice.  A practice filled with pops, creeks, and the wish that someone would come along with an oil can.  Generally, I get more out of this type of practice.  When everything hums, moves with grace, and comes easily, it can be easy to check out.  When my standing forward bend is more like a squat to be able to get fingers to the ground, I have to pay more attention--how am I moving, where is my breath, bandhas, dristhi.  Has राम been replaced with %$#&?  Can I do one more one more one more instead of giving up?

A brand new Ferrari and an '81 Pinto will both get you to the same place.  Just takes a little more faith to ride in the Pinto.  Faith and mula bandha.

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