Friday, February 11, 2011

All I ask is that you say "Maybe"

In our practice, we have two options of thought: "Really?" and "Maybe." 

"Really" closes our minds and shuts the door on our practice.  We think "He is asking me to do what?" "No way," and "That's impossible."

Everything was impossible once.

On May 5 1954 it was widely accepted that the human animal could not run a mile in under 4 minutes.  Records have been kept since July 26, 1852.  The closest anyone had come was 4:01.3 in July 1945.  On May 6 1954, Roger Bannister ran the mile in 3:59.4, breaking the 9 year old record, and doing what had not been done in 102 years of recorded history.  It took only 46 days for John Landy to break Roger Bannister's record (3:57.9).

Did mankind suddenly evolve more leg strength or super powers?  No.  By doing "the impossible," Roger Bannister inspired the belief in others that the 4 minute mile was a possibility.  If one did it, others can as well.

Wikipedia does not tell me this, but I will assume May 6 1954 was not the first time Mr. Bannister strapped on a pair of Nikes (or whatever runners wore in those days--maybe Chuck Taylors?) and decided to go for a mile long jog.  It took many years of consistent, steadfast, intelligent training and effort to do the impossible.

Last spring a story was circulating about an Indian man who has taken no food or water for almost 70 years.
He was studied by the Indian Military, and for 2 weeks he was constantly monitored. Indeed he took no food nor water during that time.  Doctors kept saying this is not possible, and came up with some far fetched theories to explain how this man survived, rather than accepting that this is possible and happening right in front of them, even though they do know know how or why.
Everything is impossible when you close your mind and say "Really?"  But if you can open your mind just a tiny bit and say "Maybe"--maybe if one person has done it, even though I don't understand how, maybe another person can do it.  Maybe I can do it.  Now nothing is impossible.

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