Thursday, February 13, 2014

He's Back!

The Mighty Mighty BossTones "He's Back" (and "Simmer Down")

So I've been away for awhile.  I can make up excuses about being busy (I truly hate that word--we are all busy) or explain that writing a book, teaching 2 writing classes in addition to a full-time job, and taking a temporary elevated position in addition to those things take up a lot of time.

But the truth of the matter is I've just been away.

Now I'm back.

The first thing I did go get back was to return to a very demanding asana practice.  Rajas (intensity) to overcome the overwhelming state of tamas (inertia) that I have been in for the last several months.

You want to know something?  I forgot how much fun yoga can be.

Not just jumping around and contorting through the Primary Series, although it IS nice to feel strong again after 15 or so jumps to handstand, but the whole thing:  chanting, japa, asana, pranayama, meditation.  It feels good to sing with joy again.

Even though I did get away from asana  practice, I remained diligent with chanting and japa.  They were lacking in bhava (faith), I will not hide that.  Yet I still did them.  I listened and sang along to kirtan on the way to and from work.  

Without those things, I would have imploded.  

I had to confront myself and come to terms that "life" and "stuff" changed, and that I was refusing to change with it, refusing to adapt to circumstances as they were.

Once I did, the light came back.  The desire to practice again with joy returned.

I truly understood how valuable some practice, in my case japa and chanting, is, even if it is only mechanical. Practice will get you through whatever "it" is that closes in from time to time.

My offering to you: March 8th, 4-6 PM at Hudson River Yoga, "Creating a Home Practice."  I know this method works because it formed the basis for what got me out of my funk.  It created the foundation that allowed me to re-discover my love for the science of Yoga.  I will provide you with all the tools you need to create a solid, consistent home practice.

It is good to be back.

रमा रमा रमा 

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