Friday, June 22, 2012

Last Stop!

All the workshops—Arm balances, Spring Training, Inversions, Gita, and even the Student Training Program—have led us to the pinnacle:

Creating a Home Practice.  Saturday June 23 2-4 pm @ Hudson River Yoga, Poughkeepsie

I will hand you everything you need to practice at home: A method, motivation, visual aids.

The only things you will need to put this method into practice are:

You. 15 minutes. A timer of some sort.

That’s right—you only need 15 minutes.  You can find them. 

Practicing at home enhances your group classes—you’re not sore for days because it’s been a week since you’ve moved those muscles/joints.  You will be better prepared to face your day—by removing stiffness in the body and focusing the mind. You will build discipline and resolve by doing something you thought you couldn’t do—and if you can do “the impossible” in one area of your life, “the impossible” in other areas of your life become more probable.

I know this method works because it is what I do 6 days a week.  And have been doing 6 days a week for nearly 8 years.

The hardest part of this practice is showing up.  But when you show up once, the next time is easier. Show up to the workshop and you have already succeeded.

See you there.

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