Friday, March 18, 2011

What Is Your Practice?

A few posts back, I shared my practice, because it is useful on this path to have some support, a satsanga, a group of like-minded people who are on the same path.  Although the details of this path are highly individualized, the end goal is the same, as are some of the struggles along the way.  Patanjali addresses these struggles:
I.30 "The obstacles, which are distractions of the mind, are sickness, rigidity, doubt, negligence, laziness, sense indulgence, false views, failure to attain a state, and inability to stay in that state.
I.31  Suffering and frustration, unsteadiness of body, inhalation, and exhalation result from the distractions."

He also provides the solution:
I.32 "To remove them, there is the practice of one principle (tattva)."  Gregor Maehle's proport sheds some light, "if the mind is already distracted...we do not want to confuse it by practicing all methods of yoga simultaneously.  rather we focus on one method now and, when the mind has become focused (ekagra), we can shift to a more elaborate plan of higher yoga."(Maehle, Gregor. Ashtanga Yoga Practice and Philosophy. New World Library, 2006. p 169).  Patanjali then provides several specific practices in the following verses.

Of course, it is not always easy for the individual whose mind is encountering obstacles to  be able to find the one principle to practice.Or to effectively apply that one principle to receive benefit. 

So I open the floor (actually the floor is always open, please feel free to comment at any time):
What is your practice?  Have you encountered struggles?  How have you over come them?


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